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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I lose the ship/vehicle/item with the next patch?

No! Everything bought here follow official RSI gifting mechanism and is compliant to RSI's terms and conditions! You will have access to the bought ship/vehicle/item through all stages of the game (Alpha, Beta and Final)!

What is the difference between "Original Concept", "CCU'd ship" and "CCU"?

CCU stands for "cross-chassis-upgrade" which is simple an upgrade. That means you buy an upgrade from ship x to a desired ship y but you will need ship x to upgrade from. A ccu'd ship is a standalone ship which has been upgraded and does not need any other upgrade or base ship to work. For example - a ccu from a MISC Prospector to an AEGIS Sabre will need a Prospector to apply the upgrade and you will get a Sabre as result. A ccu'd AEGIS Sabre is the final product - a standalone AEGIS Sabre which has been upgraded from another ship.

An Original Concept is a standalone ship or vehicle. Technically it only has two major differences 1. It can be melted and bought back from your buyback list as often as you like and 2. The amount of Original Concepts is limited as they have only been sold once which also results in much higher prices on the Grey Market! A ccu'd ship / vehicle can also be melted and you also receive store credits for it BUT you can only buy back the base ship or vehicle which it was originally upgraded from.

My ship / my vehicles shows multiple insurances - which one is valid?

Some upgrades come with special insurance features which means you can end up having multiple insurance in the detailed hangar description. In general the highest insurance counts. So, if your ship comes with LTI (Lifetime Insurance) and 120 months (10 years) - LTI counts. But be aware that we are still in the Alpha of the game and insurances will not kick in before the game gets into the release / final stage. (Also see - official FAQ concerning insurances)

Why do you need my RSI email address and my handle (nickname in the game)?

First of all - in general we only need a valid email address for you to receive the official RSI gift email with a hyperlink to complete the transfer to your Star Citizen account. But for reference reasons and to better identify and track the transaction later, we prefer the RSI email address and the RSI handle. Once the transaction is completed, both the sender and receiver can track the transfer in their hangar log.

I have not received the gift email yet - when do I get it?

Normally, it should arrive in your inbox within 5 minutes after we confirm the transfer. Sometimes the official RSI email ends up in your spam folder. If not, RSI servers are sometimes lazy or have a problem with free email providers such as hotmail, gmx and others. In this case - please reach out to us. We will cancel and re-initiate the transfer. From experience after 2-3 attempts it will then finally arrive.

I cannot find the ship/vehicle/item in my hangar - where is it?

Especially when your hangar is growing and filling with a lot of ships, vehicles, items, hangar flairs etc. you will have multiple pages and a bought ship or item does not necessarily end up on page 1. In this case you should filter your hangar for example by "standalone ships" and browse through the different pages of your hangar until you find it. Also, quickly checking the hangar log on the right side of the top headline "MY HANGAR" will show you if you have claimed the ship/vehicles/item and therefore it can be definitely found in your hangar.

I have claimed my new ship/vehicle/item and it is properly diplayed in the hangar. But I cannot spawn or use it in Star Citizen! Why?

First of all - not all ships and vehicles are "flight-ready" and therefore have not been implemented in the game - you can check the official Ship Matrix which will tell you if your ship or vehicle is already in the game. Also, if it is not, you normally get at least one loaner (an alternative ship or vehicle for the time being) - please check the Loaner Ship Matrix frequently as it is regularly upgraded.

If your ship or vehicle is flight-ready and you cannot find it - it cannot have different reasons. The most common ones are:

Star Citizen is in Alpha stage and constantly upgraded to a new patch - every patch often comes with known and unknown issues - you should constantly check the official Updates and Info page. For example with Patch 3.19 there is major issue with Ship Claims Are Not Functioning. In such a case - reach out to the offical customer support by creating a ticket and reach out to us. The community always finds workarounds or solutions we can help with by sharing them. 

In general, every ship, vehicle or item in your hangar will be yours until you melt it.

Also, some ships such as a Carrack, 890 Jump or Reclaimer cannot be claimed everywhere as they are too big. In this case you have to either go to Lorville or Area18.

The same applies for vehicles - they need a garage termin. You can find an overview of all terminals on!

I am looking for a capital ship such as the Javelin, Idris-P or Kraken - do you offer it for sale?

Unfortunately, no seller can offer these ships without selling the account they are on, too. RSI / Star Citizen has a gift limit of 1000 US Dollar melt value.

Every ship exceeding this melt value such as the Javelin, Idris and Kraken, can therefore not be transferred between acounts.

Can I upgrade my ship / vehicle which I bought from you?

Yes, everything bought from Trade4Glory comes with the same perks and functionalities as items which come from the official pledge store.

You can upgrade your ship or vehicle and keep the LTI (if it comes with LTI).

When clicking on "Claim Gift" I get a "Gift Claim Error" message. What does that mean?

There are only two reasons for that error message while trying to claim your gift. 

1. The gift process has been cancelled from our side (for example because you have not received any RSI email and we have re-iniated the process a couple of times until you finally got the message. And suddenly you have multiple gift emails in your account.

2. If you have double-clicked the "Claim Gift" option the official RSI email (unnoticed), the ship, vehicle or item is already in your hangar (check your hangar log) and therefore clicking it again will result in the error message. Just browse through your hangar until you find what you were looking for.

I bought a ship with an additional vehicles or sub fighter included and the hangar entry does not show it. Why is that?

Some ships come with additional items such as vehicles and sub fighters for example the Constellation Aquila or the 600i Explorer. CCU'd ship have not been visually fixed by RSI yet to show them in the hangar entry. But the good news is - they are part of the purchase anyway. If you play the game, you will have access to those snub fighters and vehicles anyway. Please see the official support posts for Included Vessels as reference!

Can I buy something for a friend or orga members?

The short answer is YES. Again, it is important to provide the correct RSI email and RSI handle as reference and making sure it is sent to the right person.

Once claimed, it is bound to the account and cannot be moved to your friend's or orga member's account. Always put in the correct email and handle when asked for it and we make sure the person receive it.

Is it legal to buy something from your shop or can I lose anything I bought from you?

We follow the official RSI terms of service! The gift option has been implemented by RSI to allow people to transfer ships from one account to another.

Additionally we buy everything we create from the official pledge store ourselves and the business is know as Grey Market of Star Citizen. You will therefore not lose anything after you have purchased it but it is also important to understand that RSI will not official support the Grey Market and therefore any Grey Market purchases.

Everything you buy from Trade4Glory will be displayed in your official Hangar, available through all versions of the game (Alpha, Beta and Final) and therefore no difference to your purchases from the official pledge store.