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How to Make a Purchase with Trade4Glory

Star Citizen - Trade4Glory - Ship Shop

Trade4Glory ensures a secure, compliant, and easy purchasing process. Here’s how it works:






    Select Your Item: Choose your desired ship, vehicle, or item and add it to your shopping cart.

    Proceed to Checkout: Click on "Go to checkout" and enter your coupon code (if you have one) along with your billing address.

    Choose Your Payment Method: We recommend Stripe, Klarna or Apple & Google for their buyer protection, but we also accept credit card and bank transfer.

    Provide Your RSI Details: In the comment box, provide your RSI email address and your RSI handle (nickname in the game), and confirm the sales terms & conditions.

    Place Your Order: Complete your order and make the payment with your chosen method.

    We will send your ship, vehicle, or item to you as soon as possible—typically within 24 hours.

    How to Claim Your Purchase

    Claiming your purchase with Trade4Glory is simple and straightforward:

        1. Check Your Email: Once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

        2. Log into Your RSI Account: Use your RSI email address and handle (nickname) to log into your Star Citizen account.

        3. Verify Delivery: Your purchased ship, vehicle, or item will be delivered directly to your RSI account. You’ll find it ready to use in-game.


        When you have more than one page (more than 10 items) on your Star Citizen hangar, make sure you either browse through all taps or you filter the hangar by "Standalone Ships" for example to find your newly bought ship.

        Claim Gift

        Click on "Claim Gift" and log into your correct Star Citizen account (be careful if you have more than one account).

        Item gifted

        Especially with upgraded / ccu'd ships the gift email will refer to the base ship or vehicle of example STV, Greycat ROC, Aurora ES etc. and not to the final one - once claimed it will be properly displayed as bought - see screenshot!

        Star Citizen - Trade for Glory - Buy Ships

        "Someone sent you a gift..." - an offical RSI email with link

        Star Citizen - Buy cheap ship and gear

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        Have More Questions?:

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        • Need assistance?

        Don’t hesitate to reach out! We offer support via email or Discord.


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        Earn your rank in Star Citizen style! Our loyalty program has different levels.

        Depending on your purchase amount or total turnover, you can level up with Trade4Glory and enjoy exclusive benefits.

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