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Star Citizen - The Game

The Game

The Best Damn Space Sim Ever!

Star Citizen offers more than any other space sim such as Elite Dangerous or X4: Foundations!


Over 100 ships and vehicles already usable ingame to challenge NPCs or fellow players in space, the planet's atmosphere or on its surface. Seamingless by starting the fight on a planet, then proceed into the sky and leaving the atmosphere to land the final blow in space.


Take your cargo hauler and trade different goods from ore to forbidden drugs. Great risk can also lead to great fortune! Do you have what it takes to become the next billionaire?


Dozens of different weapons and armor sets and endless possiblites to end up in shootouts to clear the area. Fighting on a space station, in a Zero-G enviroment or on the ground to accomplish a mission.


Dozens of different planets, moons and space station as well as stations on those planets and moons, secret places and caves inviting every player to explore.


No matter if you have single seater or multicrew mining ship or if you prefer mining with your hand gear - asteroids, planets and caves offer enough possibilities to mine valuable ore or extract gas in order to sell it and earn a fortune.


Everything is customizable - your avatar, your ship, your weapon. It creates a unique experience and a broad range of options, no matter if you want a fancy haircut, the latest quantum drive, a silencer for your weapon or a new outfit.

Fight. Trade. Explore.

Chris Roberts, also known for Wing Commander and Freelancer and his team are creating an universe which combines the thrill of exploration, the challenge of combat, and the unique experience of building a life "in the verse".

In Star Citizen you have the ultimate control whether you're making your living as a miner, scrap collector, a cargo hauler, exploring different galaxies or live the life of a bounty hunter and even that of an outlaw. It all comes with a seamless experience from waking up in bed, gearing up, getting your ship out of the hangar, starting the engines, leaving the planet's surface and using your quantum drive to jump to the next planet.

More than:

- $685.000.000 raised

- 5.174.000 players joined

- 12 years of development

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Squadron 42

Become a Wing Commander - Fight a ruthless alien species threatening the UEE and all mankind!




Embark on a cinematic single-player adventure as a rookie Navy combat pilot in the Star Citizen universe. Get to know your crewmates aboard a living capital ship while deciding on how to overcome challenging missions and deadly enemies.

Squadron 42 will come with approx. 20h of gameplay, with 3 episodes of which episode one already includes 70 missions. The player will have similar gameplay features, such as landing your ship on a foreign space station, taking your gun and exploring the surrounding by foot.  

Roberts Space Industries was able to win famous Hollywood actors to join the project and take on key roles in the game. You will meet Gary OldmanMark HamillGillian AndersonMark StrongLiam CunninghamAndy SerkisJohn Rhys-DaviesJack Huston and Ben Mendelsohn amongst others.

Star Citizen and/or Squadron42...? Still need convincing...? 

Have a look at following videos and pictures from both the offical studio, Cloud Imperium Games, behind the game and from fellow players. Sometimes these videos and pictures can express more than 1.000 words could do. Lay back and enjoy!

Star Citizen & Squadron 42


Star Citizen & Squadron 42


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