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Refund Policy

1. General Information

Trade4Glory cannot offer any refunds once a ship/vehicle or item has been successfully claimed by the buyer. The official RSI Gifting Option is a one-time-only process and cannot be manually reverted. If the buyer has accepted the gift and it is bound to the buyer's account, the buyer is responsible to contact the customer support of Star Citizen which can be found here.

If a refund / cancellation of the transaction is requested before the item is successfully claimed and after the buyer has paid for it - the buyer covers any PayPal, Stripe or bank fees, depending on the buyer's chosen payment method.

If the cancellation of the order is requested by the buyer and the transaction has been completed via PayPal, PayPal fees won't be refunded. This is due to a recent change in PayPal policy where they decided to no longer refund their fees.

Trade4Glory is not responsible for any mistakes the buyer makes while purchasing any item from our shop. Should the buyer attempt any kind of fraud, Trade4Glory will contact both the payment provider such as PayPal or Stripe, RSI customer support and responsible authorities with proof from the hangar log, communication & payment provider to ensure a proper prosecution.


Star Citizen is still in the Alpha stage and therefore not a finished and fully developed game. It  naturally contains errors and bugs which can vary from patch to patch. Trade4Glory cannot be held responsible for any issue or change and its content. With every new patch Star Citizen can change its ships, vehicles and items for example by changing their appearance, stats and any other impactful criteria.