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Bonus & Loyality Program

Star Citizen - Trade4Glory - Bonus

Our Bonus & Loyality Program consists of three points:

1. Loyality 

The more you buy from Trade4Glory the higher your loyality rank and therefore the higher your discount for every single purchase. 

2. Referral 

Refer Trade4Glory to a friend or orga mate! Every new referral with a successful transaction earns a discount voucher!

3. Trustpilot review

Your first 5-star review on Trustpilot earns you a small ingame item for Star Citizen as token of gratitude. Every review helps our shop to grow and shine!

Loyality Perks

"At Trade4Glory we believe in loyality! Therefore, we have created a loyality discount program that helps you to save money for every future purchase."

As new buyer you are automatically a Bronze Level customer! You profit from our very competitive pricing!

No extra discount perks!

Bronze Level

After 3 purchases and a minimum of 600 EUR total turnover you are fully entiteled as a Silver Level customer! 

You have earned a 3% discount for every future purchase!

Silver Level

To become a Gold Level customer you need to have 5 successful transactions and a minimum of 1000 EUR turnover!

You have earned a 5% discount for every future purchase!

Gold Level

Nothing less than 10 purchases and a minimum of 2000 EUR turnover is needed to become a Platinum Level customers!

You have earned a 8% discount for every future purchase!

Platinum Level

* The discount perks are not cumulative and every new customer level replaces the former discount.

Referral Perks

Star Citizen - Trade4Glory - Referrals

Every referral with a successful purchase counts!

You have a family member, friend, colleague and/or orga member who is interested in buying ships/vehicles/items for Star Citizen? Then refer them to our Trade4Glory Star Citizen Shop!

After you have successfully reached Bronze Level with your first successful purchase, you will get a 5€-Voucher for every new referred person with a successful purchase!

For 3 successful referrals you will additional earn yourself a small ingame item of your choice (paint, armor, weapon etc.).

We will add more referral perks in the near future - spread the word and participate in our success! Sharing is caring!

Trustpilot review perk

A good reputation is more valuable than money.

- Publilius Syrus - 

Trade4Glory lives from its reputation as Star Citizen Grey Market Broker !

We appreciate the time it takes to follow the link below after a purchase and to leave a comment for other prospects to see that Trade4Glory is genuine business.

Therefore we reward your first 5-star review on Trustpilot with a small ingame item for Star Citizen as token of gratitude