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Trade4Glory was founded by passionate Star Citizen players who have supported the game from its first hours back in 2012. For 4 years we have brought joy to more than 1700 players around the world and have seen player fleets grow from a single ship to enormous fleets. We share the hype and spirit around Chris Robert's game and have made it our mission to support other players.


We know that Star Citizen can be a very expensive hobby and therefore we make sure that everything is offered at the most competitive rates!


We believe in Star Citizen and its strong community of players and backers. Therefore, we will always support you with any question, request or query!


We do everything to ensure a safe trading enviroment where you can expect swift and smooth transactions at every time!

Distinctive by Service

We will always support your needs and requests indiviually. You can always expect a premium service when trading with us!