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Star Citizen Referral Code? 

Star Citizen Referral Code - Coupon - Promo - Discount

Become a Star Citizen and join over 2,7 million players with 3 simple steps.




Follow the link above by clicking "Use Referral Code" or click here to be directly forwarded to Roberts Space Industries - the offical website of Star Citizen.

Create your new account by choosing a unique Callsign. The referral code will automically appear if you follow the links on this website - otherwise put in STAR-HPL7-BP2H manually to ensure that you receive your 5.000 credits (value $5 USD).

Buy a game package worth at least $40 or use the recurring free fly weeks and enjoy the 5.000 UECs / credits in the game and use them to buy armor, weapons, clothing, ship upgrades or even get one step closer to finance your next ingame ship purchase.

Looking for cheap or rare ships and items?

Once you have created a Star Citizen account as described above I am happy to help you with cheap or rare ships and items. I have a selection of different ships and items which cannot be obtained on the offical website anymore or which are below the standard rates. Most of these ships have the Lifetime Insurance.

Star Citizen offers a vast amount of different ships for different roles - so do not feel overwhelmed at the beginning. Have a look at the Star Citizen ship matrix which you can use to get a good overlook, compare ships and get to know their differences. If you are more familiar with the game, I strongly advice you to have a look at the #DPSCalculator which is a very useful tool to compare ships up to switching weapons, shields etc. to see how they compare to other ships.

I offer fighters such as the AEGIS Vanguard Warden or a mining multicrew ship called Argo Mole but I can also provide you with ingame armor or weapons such as the cool Overlord "Dust Storm" armor set or the RSI Venture Rust Society armor set.

Feel free to browse through my Star Citizen Online Shop with PayPal buyer protection and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

Star Citizen - The Game

The Best Damn Space Sim Ever!

Star Citizen offers more than any other space sim such as Elite Dangerous or X4: Foundations!


Over 100 ships and vehicles already usable ingame to challenge NPCs or fellow players in space, the planet's atmosphere or on its surface. Seamingless by starting the fight on a planet, then proceed into the sky and leaving the atmosphere to land the final blow in space.


Take your cargo hauler and trade different goods from ore to forbidden drugs. Great risk can also lead to great fortune! Do you have what it takes to become the next billionaire?


Dozens of different weapons and armor sets and endless possiblites to end up in shootouts to clear the area. Fighting on a space station, in a Zero-G enviroment or on the ground to accomplish a mission.


Dozens of different planets, moons and space station as well as stations on those planets and moons, secret places and caves inviting every player to explore.


No matter if you have single seater or multicrew mining ship or if you prefer mining with your hand gear - asteroids, planets and caves offer enough possibilities to mine valuable ore or extract gas in order to sell it and earn a fortune.


Everything is customizable - your avatar, your ship, your weapon. It creates a unique experience and a broad range of options, no matter if you want a fancy haircut, the latest quantum drive, a silencer for your weapon or a new outfit.