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Follow the Link: Click on "Your Referral Code" above or click here to be directly forwarded to Roberts Space Industries, the official website of Star Citizen.

Create a New Account: Choose a unique Callsign and create your new account. The referral code will automatically appear if you follow the links from this website. Otherwise, enter the code STAR-ZQDH-MWJ7 manually to ensure you receive your 5,000 credits (worth $5 USD) and occasional additional bonuses.

Buy a Game Package: Purchase a game package worth at least $40 or use the recurring Free Fly Weeks and enjoy the 5,000 UECs/credits in the game.

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Star Citizen Referral Program

The Javelin

Collecting referrals comes with perks such as free LTI ships, ingame credits, weapons & hangar flairs, badges & access to the infamous Million Mile High Club.

But the ultimate goal is to get the biggest buyable ship in Star Citizen Universe (The Verse) at the moment - THE JAVELIN! And for that you need 2017 referrals!!!

After 3 years of your endless support, I have reached the second last referral level with now 1237 successful referrals & 3160 Prospects -> still 780 to finally reach the JAVELIN. (16th May 2024)

Missed a ship sale or finding Star Citizen too expensive?

Star Citizen Ship Shop

Once you've created a Star Citizen account as described above, or if you already have one, I'm excited to offer you a wide range of ships, vehicles, upgrades, and items for the game.

I have a selection of unique ships and items that are no longer available on the official website or are offered at prices below the standard rates. Many of these ships come with  Lifetime Insurance.

Star Citizen features a vast array of ships and vehicles for different roles, so it can be overwhelming at first. Check out the Star Citizen Ship Matrix which help to compare ships and understand their differences.

For those more familiar with the game, I highly recommend the #DPSCalculator.

This handy tool allows you to compare ships, swap weapons, shields, and more to see how you can upgrade them.

Feel free to browse my Reddit Star Citizen Shop and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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