"The cheapest shop in the verse..."

I am a passionate Star Citizen backer with a Golden Ticket,  backed on Kickstarter in back 2012 and played ever since.

I am not a whale or tycoon and sell ships, upgrades and items only from one account, my account! Due to the 1.000 USD daily / 24h gift limit - it can happen that I need 2-3 days to ship something but I will always deliver!

I am improving my Concierge Level by helping others to obtain cheap ships or items and maybe earn some cash to reinvest into the game.

I speak English and German and you can always contact me if you have any questions at all, so without further due:

You cannot get hold of certain ships with LTI (Lifetime Insurance)

on the Star Citizen website or you feel that the pricing is rather


I am here to help with a bespoke selection of ships, vehicles,

ingame weapons, armor or clothing or hangar flairs. You name it.

The procedure is simple and secure:

1. You browse the shop

2. Pick a ship or item

3. Add your RSI handle + email

4. Pay with PayPal & buyer protection, Stripe or bank transfer

5. I will gift the ship or item to your account

6. If you are satisfied with the trade - you give me 5 star feedback on Trustpilot ;)

Safe Trading Rules




Trading with me is quite simple - I offer PayPal buyer protection and buying ships, vehicles or other items follows 3 simple steps:

You pick/click a ship or item from my Star Citizen Online Shop which will then be put in the shopping cart. Click on the cart and click "Buy". 

You will be asked for your details such as name etc. before you are forwarded to PayPal - please also provide the RSI email address + handle associated to Star Citizen account in order to gift the ship or item. You can also use the PayPal comment section for that. 

After I have received the payment, I will gift the bought ship or item within an explicitly confirmed time to your Star Citizen account. You will receive an offical RSI email stating that you have been gifted a ship/item. Follow the link and it will bound to your account and you will see it in your hangar.